Claims about “no differences” between same-sex and opposite-sex households are bogus science

mark-regnerusWhen US Professor Mark Regnerus, a renowned social researcher from the United States, in 2012 published his study on the risks for children who are raised and educated same-sex couples, he immediadetely became the target of a world-wide defamation campaign by the powerful LGBT lobby. As it appeared, questioning the myth of there being “no difference” between children growing up in healthy families and children growing up with homosexual couples was a crime against political correctness that could not go unpunished.

Regnerus has nevertheless stood his ground. And he has now published a short paper in which he explains how the alleged “scientific consensus”  that there are no differences in outcomes for children living in same-sex households “arises from how scholars collect, analyze, and present data to support a politically expedient conclusion, not from what the data tend to reveal at face value.” In short: first there was the political desire to legitimize the LGBT agenda, and then there came the bogus “research” that seemed to provide such legitimation.