Cultur of Death’s dirty war against the Catholic Church

You don’t need to be Catholic, or adhere to another Christian denomination, or even to any religion at all, in order to understand that in today’s world the Catholic Church is the most formidable  beacon of resistance against the all-pervasive Culture of Death. There may be other opponents – but the Catholic Church is the one that unites a great number of adherents, the capability of acting globally and reaching out to people of all social backgrounds, and a coherent set of arguments that, being grounded on sound philosophical thinking, cannot be easily dismissed as some kind of outdated “belief” of “superstition”.

If only the Catholic Church could be overcome, there would be nothing to prevent the destruction of society and the world-wide triumph of child-slaughtering, the physical liquidation of weak and the elderly, gender-ideology, sodomy, and the trafficking of human beings by so-called “reproductive doctors”.

The promoters and profiteers of the Culture of Death know this too – perhaps better than most Catholics. That is why they viscerally hate the Catholic Church and seek to fight it both from the outside and from within.

It is no secret that under President Obama the US administration has done all it could to promote the Culture of Death in all its various manifestations, and by consequence to discriminate all opponents, undermine their religious liberty and civil rights, force them to act in contradiction with their faith and moral principles, shut them out from the public debate, and oblige them, as taxpayers, to finance and subsidize the very practices they oppose. Catholics who remain loyal to their faith have been the first victims of these policies.

But what has caught much less attention is the attempt to infiltrate the Catholic Church and then fight it from the inside. The latest documents released by Wikileaks provide ample proof that this is a systematic and consistent strategy, which in the United States is used in particular by the Democratic Party, including Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta and his minions. They have helped in setting up, and continue financing, groups such as “Catholics for Choice”, “Voices for Progress”, “Catholics United”, and “Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good” – pressure groups consisting of people who, as true wolves in sheeps’ clothing, in public claim to be Catholic but in reality are radically opposed to everything the Catholic Church stands for, and whose mission it is to “plant the seeds of a revolution”.

An enemy is less dangerous once it is known who he is and how he operates. Every serious-minded Catholic is now able to know where those pseudo-Catholic dissident groups take their money and their orders from. And it is clearer than ever that voting for Hillary Clinton means voting for the Culture of Death.

This certainly outweighs by far all the shortcomings of her Republican opponent in the upcoming presidential elections, however grave they may be.