The Aussie gays doth protest too much, methinks is something very strange going on with the same-sex “marriage” debate in Australia. The LGBT lobby claims that Australians overwhelmingly support their campaign to denature marriage by allowing same-sex couples to register their relationships as marriages. At the same time, the main campaigning organisation, the misleadingly-named “Marriage Equality” is vehemently opposed to the Australian Government’s announced intention to put the question to the Austrialian people by way of a consultative plebiscite.

Australian Marriage Equality has produced a propaganda paper which it calls an ‘information sheet’ in which it outlines the reasons it opposes consulting the people. In typical LGBT-lobby bulldozer style it asserts that 72% of Australians support same-sex “marriage” so there is no need for a plebiscite. On this basis, Australia might as well save itself the bother and cost of its next parliamentary elections and just appoint a new parliament according to the results of a convenient opinion poll.

Of those countries where the people were consulted on this important issue, only in Ireland was there a majority in favour. But even there, it was much slimmer than all the opinion polls had predicted. The truth is that the media in most western countries is massively biaised in favour of same-sex “marriage” and many citizens are brow-beaten into silence about their true beliefs and values until they can express them in the secrecy of the polling booth. Australian LGBT groups will have done their homework and calculated that once a campaign gets going, their chances of winning will be much slimmer than they like to admit. Like their counterparts in other countries, they have no problem with subverting democratic processes if it will advance their own cause. The ends justify the means, after all.

Incredibly, Australian Marriage Equality claims that a plebicite would be unfair because: “There are no rules or transparency when it comes to public or private spending on plebiscites. This may allow groups opposed to marriage equality to significantly out-spend groups in favour of equality.” This argument is completely bogus as LGBT lobby groups are particularly well funded, often through public funds. In the recent Irish referendum, the gay lobby outspent family groups and defenders of marriage by a ratio of about 10 to 1.

More sinister is the claim that “a plebiscite would give anti-gay campaigners the biggest stage they have ever had” and that “US research has shown that the mental health of LGBTI people suffered significantly during referenda debates on marriage equality.” What the Aussie LGBT lobby is basically saying is that any Australian who defends marriage as a union between one man and one woman is “anti-gay”. Presumably, all such Australians, who may well be the majority, should be punished for “hate speech” if they were to dare cast their vote in line with their views.

The ‘logic’ of this homosexulist claim would also be that there should be no public debate on anything to do with homosexuality because this would cause LGBT people to “suffer”. In other words, it should suffice that a well-funded, well-organised, internationally-supported lobby group like Australian Marriage Equality claims a certain privilege for the members of its ‘community’ and this should be immediately granted by the government for fear of making them suffer should there be any attempt to discuss the matter in public. Indeed, the Australian Parliament may as well just close shop altogether and let the gay lobby run the country.