A sad anniversary

planned-parenthood-cakeAdmittedly, in the 100 years since the organization was founded by Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood may have killed somewhat less than 1 billion human beings. However, if you consider that they have been, and quite successfully so, pushing for the legalization of unborn-child-slaughtering all over the world, they are certainly responsible for far more than 1 billion premature deaths.

The World Health Organization estimates the annual number of abortions world wide at 50 million.

The existence of an association that has the killing of unborn children as its main mission, and which is on record for selling on a commercial scale the bodies of those aborted children, or parts thereof, can hardly be considered an occasion for celebration. Yet if you want to use the occasion to write to Planned Parenthood a little message, you can do it over there.

Some have already done so:

100 years of preventing millions of birthdays through abortion. Happy birthday

Safe, legal, and rare? Hardly. ? More like .

Planned Parenthood says they are . Really, they are !!

Congratulations to Planned Parenthood for being able to keep the dreams of Nazi Eugenists alive long after death of Hitler!

Meanwhile, here is a litle quiz for those who want to know what Planned Parenthood really stands for:

Who said it? Adolf Hitler or Margaret Sanger?