Human rights report reveals widespread violent attacks on Christian refugees in Germany

A report just released by the international religious freedom organisation Open Doors reveals a shocking level of attacks on Christian refugees while being housed in German refugee centres. Over the period covered by the research, up to September 2016, a total of 743 cases are documented of Christian refugees who have reported religiously motivated attacks.

Disturbingly, Open Doors report that: “With more staff at hand, a significantly-higher number of cases could have been included in the survey.” In other words the true extent of the persecution of Christian refugees from Iraq, Syria and other places, is not really known. Bear in mind that these human rights abuses are taking place on German soil while those who have fled from ISIS jihadists are supposedly under the protection of the German authorities.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel famously announced “we can manage” when she invited up to 1 million refugees to come and stay in Germany. Clearly, Germany is not managing very well if hundreds of these refugees, who already fled for their lives from the genocide being perpetrated in the Middle East by Islamist terrorist groups, are now being subjected to death threats, beatings and rapes here within the EU.

The report finds that the discrimination and abuse being experienced by Christian refugees, as well as other religious minorities, is at the hands of Muslim fellow-refugees. What is even more disturbing in the findings is that some of the religiously-motivated attacks are being carried out by Muslim staff at the refugee shelters, including security and interpretation staff.

The European Parliament, which on 4 February this year adopted a resolution on the systematic mass murder of religious minorities by ISIS, was the first international body to declare what was happening genocide. Surely the Parliament now has a moral duty to intervene with the German authorities to demand that they take immediate action to protect these Christian refugees from being attacked any further. As Open Doors themselves state: “This extensive and substantiated status report is presented in the hope that responsible politicians and competent authorities will be convinced of the urgent need for swift action to support the victims and enact applicable EU Law.”