Clinton covers up Chinese crimes against humanity

In the third and final televised debate for the US Presidency (full transcript here), the subject of abortion was on the table. Republican candidate Donald Trump claimed to be pro-life, while Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton stuck by her long-standing support for one of the most evil organisations on the planet, industrial-scale abortion provider Planned Parenthood. Clinton went further by seeking to cover up the forced abortion regime of communist China.

Referring to two of the most repressive communist regimes the world has known, Clinton stated: “I’ve been to countries where governments either forced women to have abortions, like they used to do in China, or forced women to bear children, like they used to do in Romania.” This is double speak worthy of Joseph Goebbels. In the case of communist China, totalitarian population control is still in force (nowadays, the Communist Party ‘allows’ some women to have a second child) and Chinese women do not have the ‘choice’ that Clinton so much vaunts. The state dictates how many children women can have, based on where they live and their economic status. Women who dare to breach the rules are obliged to pay heavy fines, thereby forcing many to murder their unborn child.

There are also many examples of literally forced abortions where women are dragged to hospital, sedated, and their babies crushed and killed inside them. The human rights organisation Women’s Rights without Frontiers has documented many such cases. These crimes against humanity are not a thing of the past as Clinton would like to deceive viewers into believing, but very much an everyday reality in China. Feminists like Clinton blind themselves to the fact that the main victims of Chinese policies are girls. The policy, coupled with a cultural son-preference and the widely-available ante-natal screening technology has resulted in 30 million girl babies being murdered, something which we have written about extensively on the site.

When it comes to Romania, the ruling communists legalised abortion in 1957 at a time when fertility in the country had already fallen the replacement rate. By 1966 an estimated 80% of Romanian pregnancies were terminated by abortion and the population faced a demographic winter, leading to a reversal of policy by banning abortion except in certain cases (e.g. rape, incest, malformation, women over 45). So when Clinton refers to the Romanian communists ‘forcing women to bear children’ what she means is that the authorities banned the women from killing their children. The terrible scandal in Romania, particularly under brutal dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, was that having encouraged population growth, the state made no provision for child care, leading to tens of thousands of children abandoned by their impoverished parents.

But these facts will not get in the way of Hillary Clinton’s abortionist ideology, which is why she has consistently supported the evil Planned Parenthood, even when undercover investigations by The Center for Medical Progress revealed that PP was in illegal business of selling baby parts. Apart from the fact that Planned Parenthood is pumping millions of dollars into the Clinton campaign, Hillary fully adheres to the culture of death and believes that women have a ‘right’ to murder their unborn child. If she is elected President of the United States on 8 November, she will surely seek to spread this murderous ideology even further around the world.