New study confirms: HIV/AIDS became a global threat thanks to sodomy

For a long time a homosexual Air Canada flight attendant named Gaëtan Dugas was considered to have been the first known patient to have suffered from AIDS – and suspected to have deliberately spread the new disease through his irresponsible sex life.

A new study, published in the latest edition of “Nature”, somewhat corrects this perception. Apparently Mr. Dugas was not “Patient zero”, but “Patient 057”, i.e. the fifty-seventh person to have been diagnosed with the disease, which seems to have made its first appearance in the U.S already some years earlier. His suspected role in spreading the pandemic was probably due to the fact that he co-operated with public health authorities more closely than most of his fellow sodomites, providing them “with the names of nearly 10% of his sexual partners over several years” while “many other cluster patients were unable to share more than a handful of names”.

The same study once again confirms, however, the crucial role of sexually promiscuous sodomites in turning AIDS into the global health threat it is today: “The emergence of HIV-1 type M subgroup B in North American men who have sex with men was a turning point in the HIV/AIDS pandemic.”

There is no better way to fight HIV/AIDS than to promote responsible sexual behaviour: no promiscuity, no sodomy.