EU Commissioner hate-bombed by Lesbian Gay Bullying Totalitarians (LGBT)

The over-the-top outrage expressed by leftist liberal media outlets and Members of the European Parliament over a few harmless, if ill-judged, jokes cracked by German EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger recently, points to something more sinister behind this veritable hate-bombing of the clumsy Eurocrat. Mr Oettinger has subsequently issued an apology for any offence he might have given by his unscripted speech at a private dinner that was secretly recorded and put on the internet.

Dutch Liberal MEP Sophie in’t Veld threatened: “Racist, sexist or homophobic ‘locker-room talk’ is not acceptable behaviour of a European Commissioner. At his hearing Mr Oettinger will have to convince us he genuinely respects European Values.” Ms in’t Veld, who chairs the European Parliament’s LGBT intergroup, has her own views about what constitute “European Values”. She and her fellow advocates of special privileges for LGBT persons, take particular offence at the idea that Mr Oettinger could casually joke about their holy grail of same-sex ‘marriage’. The so-called liberals do not tolerate any difference of opinion on this issue.

The labelling of the EU Commissioner as ‘homophobic’ on the basis of a throwaway comment that he thinks it won’t be long before ‘homo marriage’ is imposed in Germany, is typical of the hate speech used by the Lesbian-Gay Bullying Totalitarians (LGBT) lobby. The reality is that in most countries where marriage has been redefined in this way, it has indeed been imposed, most dramatically by the Supreme Court of the United States, brushing away the rights of the individual states to regulate the issue, not to talk about the rights of the citizens to vote or the US Constitution to be upheld.

Sadly, subjected to such bullying and intimidation, Mr Oettinger appears to have been pushed into stating publicly that he is not opposed to same-sex ‘marriage’ but was just pointing out that it is one of the issues dominating the political agenda in Germany at a time when job creation needs to be prioritised.


In its daily news roundup on 4 November, EU affairs daily ‘Politico’ drew attention to another interesting dimension of the Oettinger story: “Parliament intrigue: One of the Parliamentarians we have not heard from on the Oettinger scandal is President Martin Schulz, who is caught up in a battle to keep his post. Schulz may be laying low because intervening risks alienating the biggest delegation (Germany), in the biggest political group (EPP), whose support he needs in order to keep his role.”