France: Defending marriage and family against re-definition is not “homophobic”

pho23b8d530-fde6-11e2-848a-f82f13ee1b48-805x453The LGBT-lobby is outraged. Unable to find rational and civilized arguments, they are notorious for using violence and hate-speech to promote their sinister agenda. But the Cour d’appel (appeals court) of Paris has now outlawed their preferred combat tactics, condemning Laura Pora, the former president of the homo-perverse activist group “Act Up” to pay a fine of 800 Euro for insulting the pro-family group Manif pour tous and its president, Ludovine de La Rochère, as “homophobes”. This fine is a criminal sanction. In addition, Mrs. Pora was ordered to pay a compensation of 800 Euro to “Manif pour Tous”, and the costs of procedure of 1500 Euro.

It follows from the decision that the word “homophobe” can be a criminally sanctionable insult, if it is used against someone whose stance against sexual perversion is not the result of any “irrational fear or hatred”, but of principled and rational argument.

If this judgment is not reversed, as the homo-fanatics hope, by the Cour of Cassation, it will set an important precedent, obliging LGBT activists to promote their viewpoints in a rational and civilized manner – something they always have found difficult.

This was not the first time that “Act Up” came into conflict with criminal law. Some years ago, they storm-trooped into Notre Dame Cathedral and descrated it, performing a blasphemic same-sex “wedding” ritual to mock the Catholic Church’s doctrine on marriage. On their way into the Cathedral they assaulted and punched down an elderly clergyman.

Grotesquely and inappropriately, “Act Up” describes itself as a group “fighting against HIV/AIDS”, while in fact it is openly and aggressively promoting the very lifestyle and counter-natural sexual behaviour that have turned the disease into a global pandemic.