The bad candidate has prevailed over the evil candidate. Let there be sung ‘Non nobis’ and ‘Te Deum’.

maxresdefaultNo, we are certainly not pleased that the new President of the United States is a man whose behaviour and opinions are erratic, who frequently uses coarse and insulting language, and who seems completely unprepared for the job. Donald Trump was a bad candidate, and we can understand all who distrust or dislike him.

But without doubt the alternative would have been far worse. Trump may be a bad man, but Hillary Clinton, if elected, would doubtlessly have promoted a profoundly evil agenda.

Political elections often compel us to opt for the lesser evil. There is a difference between, on the one hand, a candidate with bad manners and a somewhat dissolute lifestyle and, on the other hand, a candidate whose stated agenda is to adopt laws and policies that stand in the most radical contradiction to basic human rights standards and Natural Law. How could any decent person ever consider voting for a politician who, as was the case with Hillary Clinton, gets his electoral campaign financed and endorsed by the baby-slaughtering and human-fetus-trading mafia syndicate known by the name of “Planned Parenthood”, and who stated public support for the absurd re-definition of “marriage” through a deliberate misuse of judicial authority by a group of five Supreme Court Justices.

If a presidential candidate accepts, or even praises, such judicial activism, what kind of judges must he/she be expected to appoint?

If a candidate finds it ok that healthy babies are partially extracted from their mothers’ wombs and then stabbed and cut into pieces, what is his/her general attitude towards human rights going to look like.

Even if Hillary Clinton’s personal life qualified her as a saint (which clearly it doesn’t), her political agenda should disqualify her from every and any political office, let alone that of President of the United States.

The most dramatic indicator for the civilizational decline of the West is that persons such as Mrs. Clinton can run for the presidential elections and even have realistic chances of winning.

A great evil has been averted from us.