UN General Assembly challenging the appointment of controversial Sodomy Rights Rapporteur

united-nations-flagPreparing the ground for what may become the most important vote on the homosexual agenda the UN General Assembly has ever faced, a group consisting of 54 African countries has tabled a resolution challenging the legality of a narrow decision of the Human Rights Council in June to establish the first-ever UN bureaucratic post on LGBT issues.

The Group said it was “disturbed” by the United States’ and Europe’s incessant focus on “sexual interests and behaviors” and asked that these notions not be linked to binding human rights law, Stefano Gennarini of C-Fam reports.

The UN being a membership-driven organisation, it is in theory the General Assembly that has the last word. However, the General Assembly is often steamrolled by the US, the EU, and their allies within the UN bureaucracy.

Seventy-six countries throughout the world prohibit sodomy. If all of them voted in favor of the resolution it would virtually ensure its passage. In recent times, however, US and European diplomats have often boasted that they are able to twist the arms of such countries to make them abstain in controversial votes or even vote against their own laws. Much depends on the position the US will take during the short period between the presidential election and the inauguration of the new President. Though Mr. Trump is criticised for his sexual mores, he is not believed to be a strong supporter of the radical sexual agenda that the Obama administration has promoted both domestically and abroad.