Catalonia: government launches TV ad calling for anonymous denunciations of “homophobes”

homage_to_catalonia__book_cover__by_redamerican1945-daik3s5Inciting anonymous denunciations is typical for a totalitarian regime – but the government of the Spanish region of Catalonia, called the “Generalitat”, is apparently using the same tactics as Stalin to quash opposition against its ideology, which in this case is not Bolshevism, but Homosexualism. It is currently running a TV campaign inviting everyone to anonymously inform the Police of suspected cases of “homophobia”.

916211_1476341941In the Soviet Union under Stalin there was a legendary young hero who was presented to all children as their role model: his name was Pavlik Morozov, and his praiseworthy achievement was that he had reported his own parents to the police for being secret opponents of the Bolshevik regime.  His story was a subject of reading, songs, plays, a symphonic poem, a full-length opera and six biographies. The cult had a huge impact on the moral norms of generations of children, who were encouraged to inform on their parents like he had done.

The Catalonian government’s TV Campaign is just one more example of how “sexual diversity” is transforming into a nasty new totalitarianism.