Scottish First Minister offers to murder Northern Ireland babies – for free!

Not content with killing unborn Scottish children, First Minister of the devolved administration in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has incredibly offered to abort unborn children of Northern Ireland women, a jurisdiction where abortion is illegal. And she wants her taxpayers to pay for the killings.

The UK operates a quasi-federal system of government so that regional administrations legislate on the question of abortion. As a consequence, while abortion on demand has been legalised in England, Wales and Scotland, the lives of unborn children are still protected by law in Northern Ireland.

However, the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party (SNP), told the Scottish Parliament this week that her government was looking into how they could bring women from Northern Ireland over to nearby Scotland so that their babies could be aborted at British taxpayers’ expense, under the National Health Service.

Unsurprisingly, Sturgeon uses the usual propaganda language of pro-abortionists, referring euphemistically to women’s “right to choose” without any mention of children’s rights, and in the mantra of Hillary Clinton, that abortion should be “safe and legal”, ignoring the glaring fact that abortion is certainly not safe for the children who are murdered by this procedure.

More surprising is that the chief lawmaker of Scotland is proposing to circumvent the laws of Northern Ireland. This is all the more outrageous when one considers that the SNP want Scotland to leave the UK and are ferocious defenders of the rights of regional governments.

The most recent example is the Scottish Government’s decision to take part in the case against the British Government before the UK Supreme Court in relation to Brexit. Sturgeon is arguing that Scotland’s rights should not be interfered with by London in relation to British EU membership, as a majority of Scots voted to remain. But it is clear that Mrs Sturgeon applies double standards and has no qualms about interfering in the Northern Ireland jurisdiction.

True to form, the former human rights organisation Amnesty International “welcomed” Sturgeon’s offer to kill babies from Northern Ireland. AI, which should consider renaming itself “Abortion International”, trotted out their usual lies about laws to protect the lives of the unborn constituting a “human rights violation” and insinuating that abortion was a “right” under UN rules and international law. Their eagerness to see more and more babies murdered seems to know no bounds.

One doesn’t have to look far for the motivation behind such moves. The fact that the lives of unborn children are protected in Northern Ireland is viewed as awkward for the pro-abortionists in the rest of the UK. So they want to export the British culture of death from the mainland to the island of Ireland. It is what Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt, explaining the techniques used by the Nazis to get ordinary Germans to accept the holocaust, called “the banalisation of evil”.