France: presidential hopeful François Fillon for abolition of same-sex “marriage”

fillon-et-juppe-hues-par-les-republicainsOf the two politicians who might become the conservative candidate in the upcoming  presidential elections in France, François Fillon has stated his opposition to sodo-marriage, whereas Alain Juppé‘s position remains ambiguous.

François Hollande was so remarkably unsuccessful in exercising his role as President that his approval ratings among French citizens are now at a one-digit level, i.e. hardly measurable. After five years of utter and complete failure, there is only one “accomplishment” that is worth mentioning: the legalization of same-sex “marriage” through a simple-majority vote in the National Assembly, and the violent beating down of those who dared to oppose it. Now that the era of a Socialist-led government is foreseeably coming to an end, one has every reason to ask whether sodo-marriage will survive.

Given that the mass-media, which in France like in most countries are far more left-leaning than the average population, are not at all shy in portraying any politician to dares suggest the return to a natural understanding of marriage  as “ultra-conservative”, “homophobe”, or worse, it is not surprising that some of the politicians who presented themselves at last week’s primaries for the conservative “Les Républicains” were rather cautious in tackling the issue. However, the winner of the first round, François Fillon, was among the three leading contenders the one who was the most critical about sodo-marriage. Perhaps this has contributed to his surprise success? This appears to be the view of the “gay lifestyle” magazine Têtu, which is loudly bemoaning Fillon’s win, describing it as “a success for La Manif Pour Tous”, the French pro-family movement.

Mr. Fillons remaining contender, Alain Juppé, is meanwhile trying to style himself as the more “liberal” candidate, hinting that he would keep unchanged not only the controversial law on sodo-marriage, but also France’s laxist abortion laws.

Reacting to Juppé’s statemnts, Manif pour tous have expressed their surprise at his duplicity, saying that in private meetings with them he had said that he was open to their views.