German Federal Government “donated” 5 million $ to Clinton Foundation during Hillary’s electoral campaign

hillarydollarStrange things have been revealed by a German newspaper today: the German Federal Government (more exactly: the Federal Ministry for the Environment)  has apparently donated 5 million US$ of German taxpayers’ money to the private Clinton Foundation, as a list of donors recently published by the Foundation shows.

The Foundation has come under scrutiny and criticism during the presidential campaign for its lack of transparency. Allegedly, donating to the Foundation was a pre-condition for getting a meeting with Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State, and it was anticipated that donations would provide donors a good standing with her in the case of her election.

The Federal Ministry has commented that “as a matter of principle it never makes any donations.” The 5 million US$ it paid to the Clinton Foundation were, according to the Ministry, “a payment in consideration of the German Federal Government’s International Climate Initiative.