Why decent people have voted for Trump

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a campaign event in Hershey, Pennsylvania, U.S. November 4, 2016.   REUTERS/Carlo Allegri     TPX IMAGES OF THE DAYFacing the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, we considered Trump to be the lesser of two evils. That sentiment must have been shared by many Evangelicals and Catholics, as well as by pretty much all who care for issues such as the protection of human life as from conception, the dignity of marriage, the respect for religious freedom, etc. – in short, the values we also defend on this blog – and it is by now clear that their vote played a decisive role in the outcome of the US Presidential elections.

How come so many decent people have voted for such an indecent figure? 

The answer is: Clinton didn’t want their vote – shee was too occupied with promoting the special interests of Planned Parenthood and the LGBT lobby. So the decent people had to turn to Mr. Trump. And because Mr. Trump is a clever businessman, they could do business with him. He will probably never be a man of great virtue – but if he keeps his promises, he will be a good president.

On LifeSiteNews, there is a very commendable commentary on why Christians had no other choice than supporting Trump:

The painfully obvious reason Christians voted for Trump (that liberals just don’t understand)

Nov. 14, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Since the election of Donald Trump, the level of meltdown on the Left has now reached proportions rivalling Chernobyl. University students at Cornell hosted a cry-in, meeting together to weep at the fall of Hillary Clinton. As per usual, more hate crimes were faked, and every bit of potentially racist graffiti was pounced on as evidence that Trump’s election would result in vicious race wars. Actual violence and rioting done by angry progressives has been almost completely ignored. And then, the one theme that keeps recurring on talks shows across the nation: fear. As the result of Donald Trump’s election, many people, apparently, feel as if the leadership of the country is now fundamentally opposed to them in some way, and they are scared.

Which is exactly how Christians have felt under Barack Obama for the past eight years.

Many of my non-Christian and liberal friends find it bewildering that both evangelicals and Catholics voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump, a thrice-married casino operator infamous for his vulgar trash talk. I want to take a moment to explain to them directly why most Christians voted for him anyway. It’s simple, really: Christians voted for Donald Trump because they felt that the threat a de facto third Obama term posed to Christian communities was an existential one.

The attacks on Christians from the highest levels of government have been relentless now for nearly a decade. Obama wants to force Christian churches and schools to accept the most radical and most recent version of gender ideology, and he is willing to issue executive decrees on the issue to force the less enlightened to get in line. Christian concerns are dismissed out of hand as “transphobia.”

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