EU Trade Commissioner gets it right on Fidel Castro…

malmstrom_02_small3… and inflicts public humiliation and shame on her boss, Jean-Claude Juncker. The EU Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmstrom from Sweden, is known for her support of a radical social agenda such as “abortion rights” and sodo-“marriage”, positions we obviously do not share. For this one, however, we do not hesitate to express our praise and respect:

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Among those having made eulogies to the now defunct Cuban dictator, there are not only (to our regret and astonishment) the current heads of the Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches, but also, somewhat closer to Mrs. Malmstrom’s workplace, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

Cuba is not exactly a super-power like China or Russia, with whom one must always strive to remain in good standing. It is far away, smallish, poor, and has little influence. Thus, if politicians pay hommage to a cruel Dictator like Fidel Castro, who brutally murdered many of his opponents, put many others in jail, made more than one million Cubans flee their own country with nothing but the shirts and pants they were wearing, and nearly managed to trigger a Third World War,  one must suppose that they really mean it. What a depressing thought.

In any case, this public correction, re-tweeted more than 3.000 times, is a terrible humiliation for Jean-Claude Juncker, who, as it appears, is not very much liked or respected by the college he presides over. Will he now step down, or will he instead assign Mrs. Malmstrom to a different portfolio?