The pro-aborts have lost the debate on all accounts. Therefore, they must now crack down on free speech.

20160604_ldd001_0If you need to curtail free speech, it is because you have lost the debate. The totalitarian pro-abortion and pro-sodomy régime of French president François Hollande is now reverting to the ultima ratio: it seeks to erect a legal firewall around its blatantly anti-human policy to not protect unborn children, submitting for adoption by the National Assembly a bill that would threaten with up to two years of prison and fines of up to €30.000 the mere fact of trying to “dissuade” a woman from having an abortion.

The proposed law is a reactionary attack on free speech, unconstitutional on every account, in clear contradiction to European and international human rights standards, and revelatory of the anti-democratic and truly anti-humanitarian mindset of those voting for it.

Time for a régime-change, which everybody expects will soon take place.