Austin Ruse: “Vatican could have prevented UN LGBT Czar”

Austin Ruse, the  president of C-FAM (Center for Family & Human Rights), a New York and Washington DC-based research institute focusing on international legal and social policy that for many years has been at the forefront of defending the human right to life, marriage, and the family against the UN bureaucracy, has expressed himself highly critically with regard to the Vatican’s lack of determination and fighting spirit in the context of the recent UN decision to appoint a controversial academic from Thailand, Vitit Muntarbhorn, as a “Special Rapporteur” on “Discrimination on the basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”. Continue reading “Austin Ruse: “Vatican could have prevented UN LGBT Czar””


NEW: Juncker cares for “truth”, gets upset over “fake news”

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said social media companies must step up efforts against “fake news” that are spread on their platforms. He also said Europeans were becoming increasingly “sensitive to who is trying to fool them and who is telling the truth,” putting companies’ “credibility” on the line.  Continue reading “NEW: Juncker cares for “truth”, gets upset over “fake news””

UN General Assembly: vote to defer appointment of Sodomy “Rights” Enforcer fails narrowly

ilga_world_conference_bangkok_vitit_muntarbhorn_keynote_speechThe bid to defer the appointment of a “Special Rapporteur” on “LGBT Rights” has failed narrowly by 77 to 84 votes (with 16 abstentions) in the UN General Assembly. The appointee, Prof. Vitit Muntarbhorn, whose ideological bias and poor academic standards are amply evidenced through the fact that he is the co-author of a pretentious scam called “The Yogyakarta Principles”, has already begun his task, meeting up with the radical Homo-Lobby ILGA to receive and discuss their shopping list of new “rights”. Continue reading “UN General Assembly: vote to defer appointment of Sodomy “Rights” Enforcer fails narrowly”

Supporters of sodo-“marriage” gleeful over Commission’s unfair treatment of ECI

LOGO horizontalIt appears that the European Commission, instead of directly answering the letter that the organizers of the ECI “Mum Dad & Kids” have sent to it with regard to the initiative’s end date, prefers to entertain a correspondence on the subject with some homo-activists who gleefully report that the EU executive sticks to its illegal attempt of reducing the signature collection period for the pro-family initiative from 12 to eight months. Continue reading “Supporters of sodo-“marriage” gleeful over Commission’s unfair treatment of ECI”

Gender idiocy exposed (once again)

Clearly one must be suffering from serious mental problems if one buys into the new ideology that many Western governments are currently embracing. While at the UN the United States and the EU are pushing for the appointment of a “Special Rapporteur on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”, the sheer madness of the “gender” ideology has been exposed by a (female) Canadian reporter who managed to get officially recognized as “man” within just half an hour, merely on the basis of her claim of that was how she was now identifying herself. But even better is the story of the 52-year-old man who identifies as a 6-years-old girl: in the age of Gender Ideology, everything is possible. Continue reading “Gender idiocy exposed (once again)”

French Senate criminalises pro-life advocacy

A Vigil For LifeThe French Senate adopted a law on 7 December which could lead to pro-life campaigners being prosecuted for expressing their views about the moral evil of abortion or posting information on websites about the dangers of abortion. This is a totalitarian move by the French pro-abortion elite, increasingly intolerant of any view that deviates from  State Ideology. Continue reading “French Senate criminalises pro-life advocacy”