Cristiano Ronaldo not happy at being called “gay”

cristiano-ronaldo_416x416There is currently some excitement over Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo having been called “maricon” (“faggot”) by a player of rivalling club Atletico Madrid. Rumours about his sexual orientation appear to have been circulating already for a long time. Awhile ago, FC Bayern Munich was sanctioned by the UEFA when at a Champions League match against Arsenal F.C. fans brought along a transparent calling their opponents “Gay Gunners”.

“Maricon”, no doubt, is a slur. But is “gay”?

According to LGBT ideology, we are all required to believe that gay is good. So, if Cristiano Rinaldo were indeed gay, it could not be wrong to call him so.

On the other hand, is it an insult to call straight persons gay?

UEFA seems to believe so. In fact, everybody seems to believe so. Even after twenty years of brainwashing, none of us would be flattered to be called “gay”. By contrast, one has never heard of a gay being offended at having been falsely identified as straight.