European “consensus”: there should be less Africans

hlxgg4bp5h5gruurqcampjtibb6oisjvca47mnyx_qdssi45rdawqzqo7g670o3qu7m75ifvoofq7k1e8f61eo0gx2fakmuluozvrdx_h9pvowbf4btxqbkweqOn 22 November the European Commission has released a new document entitled “European Consensus on Development”. In paragraph 31 of that document one reads:

31.The EU and its Member States will vigorously promote the protection and fulfilment of women’s and girls’ rights. They will pursue the fulfilment of obligations under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. They remain committed to the promotion, protection and fulfilment of all human rights and to the full and effective implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action and Cairo Programme of Action, of the International Conference on Population and Development and the outcomes of their review conferences and remain committed to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in this context.”
Although for reasonable people “reprodective health” means the bealth of the reproductive organs of the human body, the Orwellian newspeak of the European Commission uses “SRHR” as code for contraceptive practices and abortion. In other words, the killing of children is “health”.
Even more bizarre are the views expressed in the European Parliament’s DRAFT REPORT on the revision of the European Consensus on Development” (11.11.2016), whose point 14 proposes simply a  Neo-Malthusian policy to “control” African population:
“14. In the light of demographic growth, most notably in Africa and in the LDCs, taking into account the fact that of the 21 countries with the highest fertility, 19 are in Africa, that Nigeria is the country with the world’s fastest-growing population, and that by 2050 more than half of global population growth is expected to be in Africa and this is a problem for sustainable development; suggests that EU development cooperation should put more emphasis on programmes that address this topic;”
Less Africans would be less of a problem, the Europeans say.