European Parliament seeks to declare abortion a ‘right’ what has become a ritual, the European Parliament will today debate its non-binding annual Report on the situation of fundamental rights in the European Union in 2015. Once again, this so-called ‘Own Initiative Report’, which has no legal status, claims that EU citizens have a ‘right’ to abortion, something not found in any international legally-binding human rights document. The EP is due to vote on the offending report on Tuesday 13 December

In language typical of the surreal atmosphere in the European Parliament, the document  opens with a lofty claim that “respecting the rule of law is a prerequisite for the protection of the fundamental rights and obligations laid down in the Treaties and in international law.” It then goes on to completely ignore the rule of law by making EU-level demands on issues which are clearly within the remit of national powers under the EU’s own treaties. Naturally, the EP has no qualms about ignoring international law either which nowhere provides for a ‘right’ to abortion.

Further on Parliament’s Report, drafted by Hungarian centre-right MEP József Nagy, states that “it is necessary to guarantee equal access to health care, including to sexual and reproductive health, regardless of the economic, disability and geographic situation of women.” The pro-abortionists have long used the seemingly-benign phrase “sexual and reproductive health” to include abortion, so what they mean here, in plain language, is “we want legal abortion on demand in Ireland and Malta, the only two countries where it is forbidden.”

The most flagrant denial of international human rights law, replaced by radical ideology, comes with Parliament claiming that “denial of life-saving sexual and reproductive health services, including life-saving abortion, constitutes a serious breach of human rights.” This Orwellian language turns reality on its head, claiming that the deliberate killing of unborn children constitutes a ‘life-saving’ action. Women everywhere, including in any country which bans the murder of its unborn children, will always receive all necessary medical intervention which has the purpose of saving their lives, even where this unintentionally leads to the death in the womb of the unborn child.

By wasting its time, and European taxpayers’ money, with reports like this one, the European Parliament continues to dig its own grave, demonstrating how out of touch it is with the real daily concerns of the citizens it claims to represent, such as getting a job or decent housing.