French Senate criminalises pro-life advocacy

A Vigil For LifeThe French Senate adopted a law on 7 December which could lead to pro-life campaigners being prosecuted for expressing their views about the moral evil of abortion or posting information on websites about the dangers of abortion. This is a totalitarian move by the French pro-abortion elite, increasingly intolerant of any view that deviates from  State Ideology.

This latest attack on freedom of expression by the French socialist government was approved by 173 votes to 126 in the Senate, having earlier been adopted in the lower house following an accelerated procedure. It amends an existing law which criminalises “hindering an abortion”. In a rightly-ordered society, every citizen would feel it their duty to hinder abortion, but in France it is a crime to do so, and now it has been deemed criminal to even speak out against abortion.

The sponsors of this draconian measure claimed in the French Senate that abortion is a “fundamental human right for all women,” a claim that is not backed up by any legally-binding document under international law, starting with the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the age of ‘post-truth politics’, militant feminists and radical abortionists consider it sufficient to make false legal claims in order to establish what they believe to be their rights.

The particular target of this anti-freedom law was the use of the internet. It is easy for the State to police abortion clinics and arrest peaceful protesters outside or near those death chambers. However, the abortion industry has much greater difficulty censoring the internet, which is the preferred medium of communication for the type of poorly-funded NGOs that campaign on pro-life issues. So the abortionists have now chosen to apply the kind of restrictions on the web that are associated with China or North Korea.

In particular, some Senators spoke agaist what they find dispicable and criminal – “using moral arguments to try to persuade women from having abortions.” It is incredible to think that in a supposedly democratic institution such as the upper house of the French Parliament, that elected representatives consider criminal activities which are the lifeblood of a free and healthy democracy, namely trying to convince fellow citizens to change their mind.

The European Centre for Law and Justice has published a very helpful analysis of the new French law and it dangers for French democracy. The ECLJ points out that under this totalitarian measure, it will be possible to prosecute pro-lifers who use images of aborted children to make their case, or even the testimonies of women who have suffered and regretted an abortion.