Anti-“Far Right” protest outside European Parliament turns violent

anti-fascist-protest-17-december-2016Belgian public broadcaster RTBF reported that a so-called Anti-“Far-Right” protest which took place near the European Parliament in Brussels on Saturday 17 December turned violent; up to 56 protestors were arrested for disturbing the peace and violent behaviour.

The illegal protest, which took place without seeking the usual police permit, was ironically directed against a meeting of the ‘Alliance for Peace and Freedom’ which is one of about a dozen officially-recognised European political parties. The violent protesters claimed that this legally-registered party is a fascist organisation and therefore they decided to use fascist tactics themselves, seeking to prevent the APF from holding its congress.

According to the militants, the APF should not receive any EU funding (which all recognised European political parties do, once they have met the objective criteria laid down in the relevant European legislation) because the Alliance has as its member parties “right-wing extremists” and “fascists”. This is despite the fact that the European Parliament carries out a rigorous check of all the party programmes before approving any funding, ensuring that they are in line with “European values” such as democracy, human rights and rule of law.

Clearly these violent protesters do not believe in such values themselves. They favour democracy only so far as citizens elect parties they approve of. They approve of human rights as long as the humans in question are not deemed by themselves to be “fascists”. And of course they have little regard for the rule of law, organising violent protests, smashing windows and sending innocent bystanders to hospital whenever they want to “express their opinion”.

Saturday’s protest is yet another example of the growing intolerance and, it should be said, fascist, attitudes and behaviour of the radical left in Europe.