Supporters of sodo-“marriage” gleeful over Commission’s unfair treatment of ECI

LOGO horizontalIt appears that the European Commission, instead of directly answering the letter that the organizers of the ECI “Mum Dad & Kids” have sent to it with regard to the initiative’s end date, prefers to entertain a correspondence on the subject with some homo-activists who gleefully report that the EU executive sticks to its illegal attempt of reducing the signature collection period for the pro-family initiative from 12 to eight months.capture

The homo-activists’ enthusiasm over the initiative being “closed” is however both premature and silly. Quite clearly, for the ECI organizers the main strategic goal is not to get an appointment with the Commission. If before the 3rd of April the ECI organizers turn up with more than 1 million signatures and the Commission fails to engage in a dialogue with them, it is the Commission who will have painted itself into a corner where it will look extremely arrogant and nasty. Not listening is one of the gravest sins in democracy, and the Commission should in fact be glad that there still are citizens who take the pain of addressing petitions to it in compliance with the ECI Regulation. For the organizers, the difference is between getting an arrogant and ill-argued reply, or no reply at all, from the Commission – but nobody really imagines that a Commission that is financing and artificially sustaining the sock-puppet homo-lobby “ILGA Europe” and whose Vice-President has vowed to press Member States to accept sodo-“marriages” will ever propose a legal definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman, no matter whether one million, or one hundred  million citizens ask it to come forward with such a proposal. The important thing is that this ECI can be a starting point for a new pan-European citizens’ movement for marriage and family – one that consists of real citizens. This surely needs no rubber stamp from the Commission.

In the meantime, the ECI continues collecting signatures. Allegedly, Romania is the tenth country to have surpassed its national threshold. And in Poland, where a nationwide campaign for collecting signatures on paper has been carried out in the past weeks, activists keep counting the incoming signature collection sheets. It is not even excluded that the one-million-signatures threshold has already been crossed….