Austin Ruse: “Vatican could have prevented UN LGBT Czar”

Austin Ruse, the  president of C-FAM (Center for Family & Human Rights), a New York and Washington DC-based research institute focusing on international legal and social policy that for many years has been at the forefront of defending the human right to life, marriage, and the family against the UN bureaucracy, has expressed himself highly critically with regard to the Vatican’s lack of determination and fighting spirit in the context of the recent UN decision to appoint a controversial academic from Thailand, Vitit Muntarbhorn, as a “Special Rapporteur” on “Discrimination on the basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”.

In a contribution for Crisis Magazine, Ruse writes:

“I say this could have been stopped by Rome and by that I mean the Vatican secretariat of state. I am not suggesting that the Vatican supported this new office. They did not. I am also not pointing fingers at the Holy See delegations in either New York or Geneva. They could not kill this proposal all on their own, especially one that has the full support of the UN bureaucracy, the EU and the US. The Vatican delegations in New York and Geneva do heroic work, but they are small in number and simply overwhelmed by the sheer numbers on the other side.

No, what was needed was a fully engaged Vatican secretariat of state and maybe even a pope willing to work national capitals, to send out diplomatic cables, to call ministers of foreign affairs. Rome might have broken the EU consensus. At the very least, Rome could have moved a few of the abstentions to our side. All that was needed was the changing of four votes.

I have seen what happens when Rome gets so engaged. It is a sight to behold. Countries are moved. Foreign ministers change their minds. Allies are bolstered and emboldened. In the many years my team and I have been doing this work at the UN, we have seen the ability of the Vatican in Rome to make things happen at the UN. It is remarkable.

Pope Francis knows about this issue. He speaks beautifully about it. He calls it “ideological colonialism” and he is exactly right. He has heard for years from the African Synod of Bishops calling out for relief from rapacious western NGOs and governments trying to impose the anti-family agenda on their countries. Standing publicly against this new UN enforcer on LGBT would have been the perfect expression of the pope’s opposition to ideological colonialism.

So, here we are, there is this great victory for the LGBT radicals and this is what will happen. The new LGBT czar will come after traditional peoples. He will come after the Africans. He will come after the Catholics. He will come after the Vatican. Recall, a few years ago when a UN treaty monitoring body ordered the Church to change her ancient teachings on homosexuality and other aspects of human sexuality? This will be that and in spades.”