“Pro-european” ALDE to enter into marriage of convenience with Italian Europhobes?

brussels-751653-400x240Politics is a dirty business, and at times one has to co-operate even with those whose fundamental convictions one does not share. But there are of course limits to that – and whoever transgresses them will risk losing his political capital.

Just who will deplete his capital in the horse-trading deal that is currently making headlines, the possible adhesion of Italy’s “Movimento 5 stelle” to the European Parliament’s wannabe “liberal” ALDE Group, is not yet quite clear. But it is a fact that ALDE MEPs for many years have postured as the most EU-friendly political movement of all, with their leader Guy Verhofstadt calling for a full-fledged European government, a European finance policy, and a European army, and qualifying all those who dared oppose these ideas as dangerous “populists”. Whereas Beppe Grillo, the clownesque leader of Movimento 5 stelle, has been calling for Italy to leave the Euro, if not the EU as a whole…