Baby-killing and Sodomy Network worried about Pro-Life and Pro-Family Network

zacharenkoFrom time to time it is interesting, and on some occasions even encouraging, to change perspective. It is for this reason that we are posting on these pages a Study for policy makers on opposition to sexual and reproductive health and rights in Europe that we have downloaded from the website of a Finnish MEP.

Mrs. Hautala is part of a network of particularly aggressive anti-human-rights politicians inside the European Parliament, who focus on the promotion of baby-slaughtering and sexual deviance as new “human rights” and, quite naturally, entertain close links to groups such as ILGA Europe (the taxpayer-funded fake “NGO”) or Planned Parenthood (the baby-slaughtering syndicate that, besides receiving lavish funding from the European Commission’s DG DEV, sells the dead corpses of aborted children for 100 US$ apiece).

The report is encouraging to read, because it shows that with relatively restricted means a small number of pro-life and pro-family initiatives are managing to considerably undermine and weaken the seemingly almighty lobbies that stand for the culture of Death. Agenda Europe is proud of being part of it – and indeed it seems that our opponents belong to our most assiduous readers.

The author of the paper, Elena Zacharenko appears that she is “naming and shaming” the so-called “opposition to sexual and reproductive health and rights in Europe”, but in fact everyone who is mentioned therein will accept this as a mark of distinction. And while we of course must reject all the slanders and misrepresentation in her paper, which definitely reminds us of C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters,  we do thank her for the honourable mention of our humble effort, and extend our whole-hearted congratulations to all the other persons and organizations who are mentioned: continue your work, redouble your zeal, it is worth the effort!

It is like the fight of David against Goliath – and it seems that David is not only surviving, but actually managing to deal some blows. In particular, it seems that the abortion-cum-sodomy lobby is painfully aware that it may have the support of politicians and mass media – but pro-life is more appealing to real citizens. As it appears, the abortionists are deeply disturbed by the fact that the pro-life initiative “ONE OF US” was the most widely supported of all European Citizens’ Initiative so far, and that MUM DAD & KIDS looks set to follow up on this success. They know they have not yet won the war, and for us this means: Europe is not yet lost.

Are we “anti-choice”? Of course we are – and proudly so: we believe that there are some choices that people should not be allowed to make, such as the choice to kill their own children (through abortion) or their own parents (through “euthanasia”). But essentially we are pro-life: we love life and embrace it, and this ultimately is the deepest reason for our activity.