Antonio Tajani elected President of the European Parliament

222222Antonio Tajani, the candidate of the EPP, has been elected President of the European Parliament with 351 votes against 282 for Socialist candidate Gianni Pittella in the final run-off. 80 MEPs abstained from the vote.

The EPP released this statement:

“A true pro-European, Antonio Tajani has dedicated his political career to Europe. He will be a strong and a reliable partner for the whole Parliament. We warmly congratulate Antonio Tajani on this result and we thank all the MEPs who cast their vote for him,” said Manfred Weber, Chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament.

“Antonio Tajani’s election shows that the EPP Group is the stable anchor of the European Parliament and the force with whom partnerships can be built. The EPP Group guarantees the stability of this House. We are the bridge-builders in the European Parliament and we will continue doing so to bring results for European citizens,” Weber said.

The EPP Group guarantees the stability of this House. We are the bridge-builders in the European Parliament.

“We look forward to cooperating further with other pro-European forces in the European Parliament and to moving towards a Europe that delivers,” Weber said.

Socialist candidate Gianni Pitella lost. According to sources inside the EP, the socialists were so desperate that they even approached their arch-enemies EFDD (including Brexit campaigner Nigel FARAGE) and ENF (including French Front national Marine Le Pen), entreating them to vote for their candidate. That’s the same socialists who used to say that those “extremists” should be kept away from having a say on the future EP President (they did not make, however, quite so much of a fuss with regard to the extreme left, on whose votes they counted from the outset…). But their manoevering remained unsuccessful, it yielded no result except the utter destruction of their already badly damaged credibility. What a humiliation!

Good news : Mr Tajani has an excellent record of pro life and pro-family votes. No wonder that ILGA Europe tried to mobilize against him – but apparently their influence is not what it used to be …. not even among ALDE…

In advance of the 2014 European elections, Mr Tajani signed up to Novae Terrae’s pledge, which called for an EU Roadmap on rights of families – which were correctly defined as those based on unions between men and women. It also requested the EU to protect the right of parents to educate their children according to their “moral and religious” values.

In previous written questions, Mr Tajani has also expressed the view that children of same-sex couples would have “…serious psychological problems and experience major difficulties in being accepted as part of society”.