Panel finds Planned Parenthood guilty of criminal acts

Thomson-ReutersA-sign-is-pictuAfter over a year of comprehensive, nationwide investigative work, the Final Report of the US House of Representatives Energy & Commerce Committee’s Select Investigative Panel definitively shows that Planned Parenthood and associates in their abortion empire are guilty of breaking numerous state and federal laws in their criminal harvesting and sale of aborted baby body parts, the Center for Medical Progress reports on its website. The report documents admissions under oath by top-level Planned Parenthood leadership that they change their abortion methods to get higher quality baby parts, use fraudulent and invalid consent forms with vulnerable pregnant women, set their prices for fetal organs and tissue without regard to actual cost, and accept that companies like StemExpress make money off of body parts harvested at Planned Parenthood. Emails obtained by the Panel even show the National Abortion Federation sought to obtain kickback payments for each successful body parts harvesting at a NAF-member clinic.

These activities are criminal even under current US Law, and it is hoped that the new US administration will now at last take action to criminally prosecute the responsible persons and stop the funding of Planned Parenthood with taxpayers’ money.

In addition to this, however, the question must be asked whether the current legislation, although already it proved “too restrictive” for Planned Parenthood’s purposes, is not in fact far too permissive. Setting aside the question whether abortion should not be totally banned (except where the continuation of the pregnancy would pose a real and serious threat to the life of the mother), it is an absurdity to treat the bodies of aborted children as if they were someone’s property that could be bought and sold, or even “traded”. In any civilised society, the dead body of a deceased person, whatever the circumstances of its death, are neither the “property” of the family that is left behind, nor of the state, and even less of the murderers. It cannot be “donated” to science, except by the deceased person itself in full knowledge and with full consent. Instead, it must be treated with respect.

The trade in body parts that Planned Parenthood has been found guilty of is revelatory of the organization’s slave-trader mentality and total lack of respect for human dignity.

While the incriminated facts have taken place in the US, they do have implications for Europe as well. IPPF, the European branch of this world-wide baby-slaughterers’ syndicate, has never distanced itself from Planned Parenthood’s criminal activities in the US, and yet continues maintaining a close working relationship with the European Commission. And while the organization’s attempt to join the Commission as a third party intervenant in the lawsuit between the successful ECI “ONE OF US” and the Commission has been roundly defeated, it remains that there is a worrying close link between the group’s legal counsels and the EU’s judiciary institutions. One of the two lawyers who (unsuccessfully) represented IPPF in the ONE OF US case, Ian S. Forrester, has since been promoted to serve as a judge at the EU’s General Court where the case is pending, whereas the second, Genevra Forwood, is the daughter of Nicholas James Forwood, the (former) judge of the General Court whom Mr. Forrester is replacing. It is time for the EU and its various institutions and officers to cut links with an organization that kills defenceless unborn children and sells their bodies.