Dutch minister wants to compensate abortion-industry for loss of US funding

ploumen-wil-abortus-maatregel-trump-teniet-doenThis promise, if made real, could become very expensive for taxpayers in the Netherlands. The country’s minister for foreign aid, Lilianne Ploumen, has announced that her country wants to compensate abortionists world-wide for the pecuniary losses they are expected to suffer as a consequence of US President Donald Trump’s decision to unfund them. The total savings for US budget achieved through this measure are estimated to amount ca. 600 million US$ per year. Planned Parenthood, the most prominent of the baby-slaughtering organisations concerned, have lamented that they alone will lose 100 million US$ as a consequence of this decision.

Although the sinister minister seems quite eager to spend her taxpayers’ Euros on killing children abroad, her intention is not to foot the bill all alone. Instead, she is looking for other countries to help in financing her ambitious fight-the-poor-instead-of-poverty project. It is thus to be presumed that the Dutch government will soon approach the European Commission (in particular the very Malthusian-minded DG Development) with this initiative, unless her fellow Dutchmen use the upcoming elections to tell her to use Dutch money rather for the good of Dutch children than for the killing of African or Asian ones.