The left fringe in the EP makes a new attempt to legitimize child trafficking

babies-for-saleJust four months after the defeat of the infamous “De Sutter Report” in the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE), and just two weeks after the ECtHR judgment in the case of Paradiso and Campanelli v. Italy, which confirmed that the fight against surrogacy and child trafficking are important policy objectives that justify even severe measures, a group of left-green-communist politicians are launching a new attempt to push for the legalization of surrogacy (and hence, child-trafficking). This time it takes the form of a non-legally-binding “initiative report” to be drafted by the European Parliament’s Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI), most possibly under the aegis of a socialist rapporteur. The EP’s Conference of Presidents will decide next week whether JURI will indeed be charge with drafting a report entitled “Cross border aspects regarding the legal status of children resulting from surrogacy procedures”.

It appears that behind the scenes the notorious Belgian politician and surrogacy-entrepreneur Petra De Sutter (a man with gender identity disorder, who pretends to be female) is working very closely with some MEPs of the sexual left, such as Heidi Hautala from Finland, to recycle his defeated PACE report and to get it adopted, this time by the European Parliament. Mr? De Sutter, who in his/her profession as an obstetrician at the University Clinic of Ghent has been arranging surrogacy pregnancies (which he/she termed as “altruistic”) for infertile couples, clearly has an economic self-interest in seeing surrogacy legalized to the widest extent possible. He and his allies are pursuing this goal through the usual salami tactics: first they deplore the “legal uncertainties” faced by the children that have been born thanks to the illegal recourse to surrogacy services domestically or abroad., and push for the legal recognition of the “parenthood” of the “intended parents”. The second step is that they push for the legalization of so-called “altruistic” surrogacy, i.e. cases where the surrogate mother allegedly does not receive any honorarium (which of course does not exclude that in fact she does receive payments to compensate her for her efforts, or that the treating doctors, like Mr? De Sutter himself, gets paid for his involvement…). Finally, they will also push for the legalization of commercial surrogacy, such as in the case recently decided by the ECtHR, where an Italian couple simply travelled to Moscow and bought a child that had been born from a surrogate mother after having been concocted in vitro with the sperm and ovum of two unknown “donors” (who in fact were not donors, but had sold their gametes for money).