EU Parliament advocates recognition of LGBT adoptions

gayadoptionabstrThe European Parliament adopted a resolution on 2 February which urged the EU Commission to require all 28 EU Member States to recognise each other’s adoption certificates automatically. While claiming to be about helping parents and children, hidden in the text are dangerous aims to oblige all Member States to de facto recognise same-sex adoptions, even if illegal in their own country.

Parliament’s resolution was adopted by 533 votes to 41, with 72 abstentions as part of what is called a “Legislative Own Initiative Report”. In other words, although the EU Treaties do not allow the Parliament to make legislative proposals, under Article 225 of the Treaty, Parliament may request the Commission to submit any appropriate legislative proposal. The European Commission will not be obliged to follow the Parliament’s recommendations, but must state its reasons if it refuses.

The resolution proposes a European Certificate of Adoption to speed up the automatic recognition process and asks the Commission to propose rules on automatic EU-wide recognition of “domestic” adoptions, i.e. in cases where the adopters and the adopted child are resident in the same country.

MEPs also call for “common minimum standards” to be drawn up for adoption by the Commission, not in the form of legislation but rather to define “best practice” guidelines. This is a typical tactic used by the Lesbian-Gay Bullying Totalitarian (LGBT) lobby to promote its agenda by administrative fiat rather than open democratic debate.

The proposal was drafted by Polish centre-right MEP Tadeusz Zwiefka who called on the European Commission to “take steps in the field of recognition of domestic adoption certificates, so that families with adopted kids have legal certainty when moving to another member state.”

The Parliament claims that families with adopted children from their own country still face legal and administrative hurdles when moving from one EU member state to another. For example, parents might be unable to arrange for the education or medical treatment of their adopted child unless additional legal steps are taken to demonstrate that they have custody. It also believes that “differing rules may harm children’s rights, including their right to family life, non-discrimination, inheritance rights and right to nationality. Differing rules may also have an impact on the ability and willingness of adopters to exercise their rights of free movement.”

This all sounds very nice and caring but behind it is a sinister LGBT agenda to deprive national governments and parliaments of their right to regulate adoptions in their own country, moving the power to EU level. Such a “harmonisation” will inevitably lead to enforced recognition of a “right” of same-sex couples to adopt children.