“Liberal” media wage campaign against freedom of conscience rights

schwangerschaftsabbruchIn a strange coincidence, the German weekly ‘Der Spiegel’ is running, and other German papers are supporting, a nasty campaign against a brave obstetrician of Dannenberg who refuses performing abortions in the clinic of which he heads the gynaecology department, bewailing the fact that women in that remote region of Germany have to travel up to 20 km from home to get their babies killed, while at the same time POLITICO has a piece on its title page in which it bemoans that in Italy the number of conscientious objectors, i.e. doctors and medical staff who refuse performing abortions seems to be rapidly increasing, reaching more than 90% in regions like South Tyrol and Molise.

It is certainly strange for self-perceived “liberal” media to bewail the fact that in our society people still have the right, and some even the courage, to act according to their consciences. While the abortion lobby seemingly has “won” the battle on the depenalization of baby-butchering throughout most European countries, the existence of conscientious objectors remains a thorn in their side. This is no wonder: if the facts reported by POLITICO are true, the biggest threat for them is not that abortion might be prohibited, but that there are less and less doctors who are actually willing to perform it.

What is the reason for this? Obviously, gynaecologists and obstetricians are less easily misled than the rest of the population with regard to what an abortion really is: being experts for the human life in the early stages of its development, they knowbetter than anyone else that life begins at conception, and that, by consequence, abortion means to kill someone. But one doesn’t spend many years of one’s life on studying medicine only to end up as a butcher, except if one is morally corrupted from head to toe. Abortionists often are the drop-outs of the medical profession, and they know it well.

It is clear that if abortion is to become less frequent, the conscientious objection of doctors will be the main reason for it. This is why the abortion lobby, and its friends in politics and media, are so ferociously fighting against it. But their problem is that the following one’s informed conscience is the basic exercise of freedom – curtailing this freedom means undermining freedom as a whole. This is not about abortion alone, but simply about whether or not we want to live in a free society.

POLITICO apparently doesn’t want to live in a free society, and neither does Der Spiegel.