At last only pro-aborts will pay for abortions…

abortion-procedures-de-levatino-forceps-naf-672x372-659x372In what must be one of the most ridiculous hypocrisies in recorded history, European feminists and their supporters in politics and media are now calling for donations for the world-wide abortion industry, to compensate it for the US administration’s decision to stop the funding of abortions.

The sinister initiative, which runs under the name of “She Decides” will hold a fundraising event in Brussels on 2 March. 10 million Euros have already been donated by the Belgian and Dutch governments, which hope that it will be able to convince other EU Member States (such as Denmark and Sweden, two other countries that are known to mistake baby-murdering for a form of “development aid”) to throw their taxpayers’ money – or, even better, the EU’s development aid funds, at the pro-aborts. But it is unlikely that  EU governments will mobilize funds that would even remotely be similar to the 600 million US$ that the baby butchers have lost through the US administration’s policy shift, and that, instead of abortions, will now be spent on the life-saving health care that women and girls really need.

In a certain sense, therefore, even we can say that “She Decides” goes one step in the right decision: at last it is only those who support child-butchering, and not society in general, who will pay for child-butchering. And perhaps we will soon see that those willing to pay, out of their own pockets, for the killing of other people’s children, are not all that numerous.

Hopefully, therefore, this could be the beginning of the demise of the baby-killing industry.