Ireland: Citizens’ Assembly submissions overwhelmingly support 8th Amendment

the_rock_of_cashel_ireland_europe-t2The current government of the Republic of Ireland, staunchly anti-family and anti-life, is currently seeking to overturn the so-called “8th Amendment”, through which the following wording has been inserted in the country’s constitution back in 1983:

The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.
For that purpose, a “Citizens’ Assembly” has been created in order to discuss the matter and receive submissions from citizens. But it turns out that a strong majority of those participating in the process actually are in favour of keeping the provision as it is, rather than changing it. So, if the Constitution finally will be changed, that will not happen in order to satisfy a wish coming from the population, but rather as a result of some political horse-trading.

As reports, the Citizens’ Assembly has received a huge number of submissions in relation to its consideration of the pro-life 8th Amendment. The over 13,500 submissions were far in excess of what the organisers expected. The overwhelming majority of these are in favour of keeping the Amendment unchanged.

At the most recent meeting of the Assembly, members were given a randomly selected representative sample of the submissions received. Of these, 70 per cent supported the 8th amendment, 28 per cent wanted to repeal it and 2 per cent were unclear in their purpose.  All the postal submissions in the sample were in support of the 8th.  Of the online submissions, 52 per cent favoured keeping the 8th, 45 per cent were for repeal, and 2 per cent were not clear.