EU Parliament votes for EU to fund abortions worldwide

abortion-fundingThe European Parliament adopted a non-binding resolution in Strasbourg on 14 February 2017 which calls on the EU to take over the worldwide funding of abortions to replace the funds that have been cut off to the global abortion industry by the new Trump Administration in the USA. The resolution was Parliament’s contribution to the upcoming 61st session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women.

While the text adopted this week by the EU Parliament has no legal effect, it represents a further erosion of the EP’s own legitimacy as it seeks to usurp powers that reserved to the 28 EU Member States by the Treaties governing the Union.

Ever since newly-elected US President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order to reinstate the “Mexico City Policy” of refusing to spend US taxpayers’ money on killing unborn children in developing countries, leftists in the EU have been scrambling to find ways to fund the killing with European taxpayers’ money instead.

The offending, and offensive, amendment in this latest EP resolution was tabled by radical feminists from Parliament’s Communist, Socialist and Green Groups and states that the European Parliament:

“Strongly condemn the ‘global gag’ rule, which prohibits international organisations from receiving US family planning funding if they provide, counsel for, refer to or lobby for abortion services; consider this rule as a direct attack on and a setback for gains made for women’s and girls’ rights; call, as a matter of urgency, on the EU and its Member States to counter the impact of the gag rule by significantly increasing sexual and reproductive health and rights funding and launching an international fund to finance access to birth control and safe and legal abortion, using both national as well as EU development funding, in order to fill the financing gap left after the Trump administration’s moves to cease funding all overseas aid organisations that provide sexual and reproductive health and rights services;”

The typical post-truth language of the radical left abounds in this text, such as claiming that murdering unborn children is good for “child health” or that encouraging young women to kill the child in their womb represents a “gain in women’s and girls’ rights.”

Apart from the blood-thirsty eagerness to “significantly increase” funds for the abortion industry, these European so-called lawmakers display contempt for the Rule of Law. The European Commission has repeatedly confirmed on the record, in reply to Written Questions from the European Parliament, that the EU has absolutely no legal competence on the issue of abortion. Such is the blind ideology that drives these extremists, that they have no difficulty including calls in EP resolutions for the Union to act contrary to the law. With each such action, these radical elites drive a greater wedge between the institutions of the EU and the citizens of the Union.