France: new law seeks to prevent women from hearing the truth about abortion.

french_national_assembly_810_500_55_s_c1Just a few weeks before they will foreseeably be reduced to social insignificance, Socialists in France for (probably) the last time used their majority in the National Assembly to push through a law that, besides constituting a clamorous attack on the most fundamental of fundamental rights (such as the right to life, the freedom of speech, the freedom of information, the freedom of expression) just demonstrates how deeply infected they are with what is rightly described as the “Culture of Death”.

The new law purports to make what it calls “spreading misleading information” about abortion punishable with up to a two-year prison sentence and a fine of up to 30.000 Euro.

If one takes a closer look at the wording of the law, it quickly becomes clear that what is targeted is not false information, but information that is spread “with the intention of dissuading women from ending their pregnancy”. This wording is not at all restrictive, and actually can easily be interpreted (as we have no doubt some ideologically biased prosecutors and judges will do) as encompassing information that is undoubtedly and irrefutably true, but which the baby-slaughtering entrepreneurs and the culture-of-death ideologues nevertheless refuse to accept, such as:

  • New human life begins at conception;
  • Abortion means the deliberate killing of an innocent human being;
  • People who partake in abortions (as doctors or medical staff providing it, as mothers requesting it, or as third persons putting mothers under pressure to have their child aborted, or as politicians who raise their hands in favour of a law such as the one in question) are guilty of killing;
  • Many women who have had their babies aborted suffer from traumatic feelings of guilt for the rest of their lives;
  • Abortion, whether “legal” or not, is associated with high risks for the mother, they often result in the mother’s death or permanent infertility, etc.

Obviously, what the radical law really targets is not misleading information, but correct information. Linking drastic sanctions to a wording that is wide open to the most absurd interpretations, its true aim is to dissuade some people from freely speaking the truth, and to prevent others from hearing it.

It is by the way, no coincidence that the deliberate spreading of false information with the intention of encouraging a woman to “interrupt” her pregnancy is not punishable, neither under this nor under any other law. Lies are the privilege of the pro-aborts. Even the word “interruption of pregnancy” (interruption volontaire de grossesse, IVG) is in and by itself a lie, suggesting that the “interrupted” pregnancy can be resumed at a later stage. Routinely using this euphemism, including in the title of this new law, the French National Assembly reveals itself as a house full of habitual liars.

It appears that for today’s feminists, every single butchering of a child is a “success” that must be secured, and every single child whose life is saved is a living reproach to their perverse and murderous ideology. That ideology does not survive confrontation with the truth; that is why the inconvenient truth must be silenced.

Further information can be found in this piece by Jeanne Smits at LifeSiteNews.