Left-wing extremists protest US Vice President Pence in Brussels

2110341783_b9711179475z_1_20170220114517_000_g048ic1mh_2-0A small group of left-wing extremists took part in a vulgar protest against US Vice President Mike Pence in Brussels on 20 February. The protesters, which included pro-abortion and LGBT activists, displayed lewd posters, while some women daubed slogans on their naked breasts.

In the first high-level visit to the EU of the new US Administration, Vice President Pence held a meeting with the President of the European Council Donald Tusk. After the meeting, President Tusk expressed satisfaction at continued US support for the EU project, as confirmed by Vice President Pence. According to Mr Tusk: “The world would be a decidedly worse place if Europe were not united.”

For his part, Mr Pence expressed himself thus: “With regard to the European Union, my message very simply was that the United States is committed to continuing its partnership with the European Union and I wanted to make that very clear.” The EU and U.S. “share same heritage, values and purpose: to promote peace and prosperity through freedom, democracy and rule of law.”

Meanwhile, a few hundred metres away, a motley bunch of left-wingers displayed posters on subjects as diverse as climate change, Muslim immigration, abortion and homosexuality. Most of the usual suspects were there from radical organisations such as abortion-promoting Amnesty International and abortion-providing Planned Parenthood, distressed about the re-instatement by President Trump of the Mexico City Policy, which cuts off US development funds to the abortion industry.

The violent feminist group Femen also took part in the protest, baring their breasts publicly for pedestrians and passers-by to see, including children being brought to nearby schools. The Belgian Police did not intervene to ask these semi-naked furies to cover themselves up, nor indeed to remove some of the more vulgar posters with pictures of genitalia and offensive slogans. This is the same police force that a couple of years ago removed the posters of a pro-life protest, deeming the pictures of murdered unborn children to be “offensive” as there were children in the vicinity.