In contempt of democracy, new law on sodo-“partnerships” is forced upon Slovenia

gaystapoSame-sex civil partnerships (and not, as Politico and other media falsely report, “marriages”) between sodomites have become legal in Slovenia, with a law coming into effect today that gives the mock “marriages” of sodomites largely the same status as to the future-ensuring genuine marriages, which are those between one man and one woman.

This law was adopted by the Slovenian Parliament in a truly provocative show of arrogance against the will of citizens, who in a referendum held in December 2015 had, with a clear majority of 63% v. 37% rejected this indecent “reform” project. The 2015 referendum was already the second popular vote on the subject, with a referendum held in 2012 leading to the same outcome.

Already after the 2012 vote, the country’s political class, which is widely dominated by ex-Communists, had reacted by rewriting the constitution in order to make it more difficult for ordinary citizens to overturn a new law through a referendum. When the second attempt to give a legal status to the partnership-in-sodomy again was overturned in 2015, the Parliament allmost immediately adopted a new law, re-baptizing it as a “law on same-sex civil partnerships” (Zakon o partnerski zvezi (ZPZ)) . An application by citizens to launch yet another civil petition that, if successful, would have triggered yet another referendum was rejected by the the Speaker of the National Assembly, Milan Brglez, arguing that this and several other SDMS referendum initiatives constituted “an abuse of the referendum laws”.

As a last remaining fig-leaf, the new law does not allow sodomite couples to jointly adopt children (whereas it does not prevent them from doing so individually…).

The way in which the political establishement has pushed through the new law provides a perfect illustration of how the new sex-ideology corrodes democracy.