Martin Schulz to introduce same-sex “marriage” in Germany

Evelyne PARADIS, Martin SCHULZ, Juris LAVRIKOVSFormer European Parliament President Martin Schulz, now campaigning to be German Chancellor, is planning to impose same-sex “marriage” in Germany if his SPD party wins the Bundestag elections in September. During his time in Brussels he was close to the extremist LGBT militants and now wants to impose their ideology in Germany.

According to German broadcaster ZDF, the Germany Social Democrats (SPD), led by Comrade Schulz, want to make homosexual “marriage” a main point of their electoral campaign. No doubt Schulz and the SPD are seeking to corner the votes of the Lesbian-Gay Bullying Totalitarians (LGBT). They also want to grant same-sex couples the same rights as natural male-female couples to adopt children, something that many studies have shown to be against the interests of the children.

Having built his political career in the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg, Schulz’ positions on most policy issues were completely unknown in Germany up to now. Since his confirmation on 24 January as SPD candidate to lead Germany, he has been under pressure from the media to reveal where he stands. Now Schulz has revealed his true colours, already well known in EU circles, as a radical ideologist.

According to the ZDF, Schulz plans to accuse Angela Merkel’s CDU party of opposing same-sex “marriage” on the base of ideology. The CDU already blocked the SPD’s demand for homosexual “marriage” during the coalition agreements following Germany’s last general election in 2013. Merkel herself has repeatedly said she is against the destruction of natural marriage in this way.

With such tactics, Schulz displays on the German scene the kind of “post truth politics” he was infamous for in Brussels. For it is he who is promoting a radical unnatural agenda based on LGBT and Gender ideology, one that denies basic facts about the nature of human beings and the complementarity of the two sexes.

Two other left-wing parties that hope to get into power on the coattails of the SPD fully endorse this extremist LGBT agenda. The Green Party, whose leaders in the past openly supported pedophilia as a “sexual orientation choice”, have had homosexual “marriage” in their party programme for many years now.

Further to the left, the former communists who led the brutal totalitarian regime in then East Germany for 40 years, now rebranded as The Left Party, want to even try to introduce such a law in the Bundestag before the September elections on the basis of a majority in the current Bundestag of the three leftist parties, even though the Government, led by Merkel, is CDU/SPD.

There is no doubt that if Martin Schulz becomes German Chancellor at the head of an ideologically-driven left coalition of such extremists, the LGBT radical agenda will soon be foisted on the German public. A nice present from the EU to Germany!