EU Fundamental Rights Commissioner uses alarmist tactics to push fake rights

BELGIUM-EU-POLITICSThe EU’s Commissioner for for Fundamental Rights, Gender etc, Vera Jourová has issued a call to “action in defence of fundamental rights, democracy and the rule of law”. Speaking at the 10th anniversary ‘celebrations’ of the deviant EU Fundamental Rights Agency in Vienna, Ms Jourová outlined an agenda which really amounts to the Commission attacking freedom of expression and traditional values.

Describing her mood as ‘combative’, the Commissioner sounded like a modern-day Cassandra as she warned darkly that “our most fundamental rights and values are no longer a given.” The European Commission has traditionally avoided commenting on the domestic politics of the EU Member States, but Ms Jourová showed no such self-restraint, rather launching a headlong attack of Poland: “The situation in Poland, to take one example, is worrying. Fundamental rights and rule of law watchdogs, such as the judiciary and the press, are being muzzled.” This outrageous statement would surely come as a shock to the millions of Poles safely walking their streets and continuing to strongly support their elected Government. The Commissioner clearly needs a lesson in how democracy works.

She then goes on to interfere in ongoing election campaigns in three founding Member States of the EU: “Some candidates for elections in France, the Netherlands and Germany are calling for the return of the “great” nation states.” Again, the Commissioner displays her contempt for democratic process. The voters in these three countries did not elect Ms Jourová and do not need her to tell them who to vote for to lead their countries.

She then issues an extraordinary piece of fake news: ”We need a strong sovereign power”, say the voices, “this will keep you and your children safe. It might mean giving up your freedoms” say the voices “and getting rid of external, well respected, monitoring bodies”. “But it will be for the best” say the voices “we can do much better on our own”. None of the participants at the conference appears to have asked the Commissioner which candidate in the French, Dutch or German elections urged their voters to give up their freedoms.

Hidden behind such post-truth political statements by the European Commissioner is a visceral desire for self-preservation of the elites, faced with the ‘horrifying’ prospect that the people might actually decide for themselves how much or how little of the EU they want in their daily lives. Far from being a ‘well respected monitoring body’, the Fundamental Rights Agency to which Ms Jourová was paying this grovelling tribute, is an undemocratic quango completely hijacked by elitist groups, in particular the Lesbian-Gay Bullying Totalitarians (LGBT)

Drawing a scandalous comparison between today’s democratic Eurosceptic political parties and the behaviour of the Nazis on Kristallnacht, 10 November 1938, when hundreds of synagogues were burnt down in Europe but the German media remained silent, she screamed shrilly: We must be louder and clearer than those populist and extremist “voices”….we need a strong quality press to give the real facts and defeat fake news….We cannot have quality journals close down in Europe because of undue pressures. We cannot have journalists and other media actors in fear for their lives.” This is a piece of EU propaganda worthy of Goebbels coming from a woman who likes to draw Nazi comparisons – denouncing “fake news” while making patently fake alarmist statements that will help her take draconian measures such as the blanket censorship of social media she has been pushing.