Instead of bailing out baby murderers, EU should fund serious-minded development aid

The shameful “SheDecides” campaign, launched by deluded feminist politicians who measure the success of their “development aid” by the number of abortions they can finance with EU taxpayers’ money, has announced that it has collected pledges amounting to 181 million Euro from various donors, mostly governments of a small group of EU Member States. This falls short of the group’s ambition to compensate Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes, and other baby-murderer syndicates posturing as “healthcare providers” for the effects of the US administration’s decision to reinstate the Mexico City policy.

Among the main donors are the governments of Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Canada, and Luxembourg. Other EU Member States, such as Austria, have announced they were not going to thro their taxpayers’ money at the abortion industry.

Civil rights leaders from Africa meanwhile have pointed out that baby-murdering is not health care, and that the same money that feminist politicians now want to throw into the greedy clutches of those who make their living by killing other people’s children could build 5000 schools and educate 12 million Africal children per year.

Everybody has his priorities. The priority of the supporters of the abortion industry bailout obviously is not that of helping developing countries.