Spain: bus campaign successful, LGBT-lobby falls into the trap of its own intolerance

klinkA few days ago we reported about a bus campaign in Spain that has been launched to recall the basic facts of life to a population that is getting increasingly confused by the regional government’s promotion of gender-theory. Incredibly, the chief of the Madrid Financial Guard, Jesús Caballero Klink, has now ordered the bus to be confiscated, and opened a criminal investigation for alleged “hate speech” against transsexuals.

The man is apparently not aware of how he is turning himself, together with the intolerant and noisy LGBT pressure-group that is pushing for the investigation, into a laughing stock for the world – which very possibly was one of the hidden objectives of the bus campaign. If this bus campaign, which simply states that boys have male, and girls female, genitalia, is to be qualified a “hate crime against transsexuals”, then the statement “1 + 1 = 2” must a be hate crime against the intellectually incapacitated. This is a debate the LGBT lobby cannot win, even in case their legal action were successful. The misuse of power is all too obvious.

In a truly brilliant move, the campaign by the civil society group HazteOir has thus publicly exposed (1) the total lack of any foundation of the claims made by LGBT ideologues, (2) the intolerance of these groups and their complete inability and unwillingness to engage in fact based discussions on their claims, (3) the true character of legislation against so-called “hate speech”, which lefitst politicians in many European countries are pushing for in order to be able to silence their opponents.

Thanks to Mr. Caballero Klink, who has made a complete jackass of himself, Spanish citizens are now realizing what degrees of madness and intolerance have been reached by the LGBT lobby. The bus campaign is a full success.