UN spreading Communist ideology on “International Wymyn’s Day”

8 March, the so-called “International Women’s Day”, was first celebrated in the Soviet Union thanks to V. I. Lenin and his People’s Commissioner for Social Welfare, Alexandra Kollontai. It was also under Lenin and Kollontai that the Soviet Union became the first country to legalize the murdering of un-born children, and to abolish the institution of marriage (which, however, was re-introduced soon afterwards). Nowadays, it is institutions like the UN and the EU who force this Communist holiday on citizens.

The UN today issued a statement by “Women’s Human Rights Experts”, which laments the fact that some countries still dare to protect the human right to life as from the time of conception.

Among other things they write:

“Women still live with the threat of criminal punishment in some countries for sexual or reproductive conduct such as adultery, prostitution, or termination of pregnancy. Criminalization of behaviour that is attributed only to women is inherently discriminatory. So is denying access to services which only women require and failing to address their specific health and safety, including their reproductive and sexual health needs.”

So adultery and prostitution are all fine, aren’t they? Or perhaps only men should, when engaging in them, be punished, but not women? But if “criminalization of behaviour that is attributed only to women is inherently discriminatory”, how can it be other than “inherently discriminatory” to punish men, but not women, for the exactly same behaviour. And if the argument is that “only women have abortions, so it is unfair to criminalize abortion”, must one not with the same logic say that “men are much more frequent to commit the crime of rape, so it’s unfair to criminalize rape”? Rape is a serious crime – but abortion always and without exception means to kill someone. It can’t be a “right”.

It is, moreover, absurd to say that those opposing abortion want to “criminalize women”. Human life is a good that requires adequate legal protection, including through criminal sanctions. These sanctions should of course target everyone involved, including men (for example the person procuring the abortion to the pregnant woman).

The “experts” absurd statement, which among other things is full of diatribes against “conservative political ideologies and religious traditionalism”, “chauvinism”, “fundamentalist groups”, and other neo-Communist hate speech vocabulary, ends such:

“We pay tribute to all those women who courageously defy patriarchal oppression. Today we need more than ever to unite forces to preserve the democratic space. The fight against all forms of discrimination against women must continue until women everywhere obtain full equality in civil, political, economic, social, familial, cultural and religious life.”

Let it be said that the first and foremost “patriarchal oppression” we urgently should get rid of is the one exercised by completely unelected “UN experts”.