Spain: Transgender-Marxism shows its true (ugly) face

According to LifeSiteNews, the organizers of a bus campaign informing the general public in Spain of the trivial fact that boys have male and girls have female genitalia are receiving threats from angry LGBT activists, including threats of arson, assault, and murder. At the same time politicians and politicised judges want to jail them.

The culture war that has broken out around the advertising campaign run by the civil society HazteOir would be funny, if it were not so dead serious. Apparently there is no level of violence, aggressivity, or misuese of power that the political left will not use when it comes to imposing its lunatic ideology on the rest of us.

This raises two questions. Firstly, why does the political left (not only in Spain, but all over Europe) so keenly embrace an obviously absurd ideology like LGBT and gender, which nobody in his right senses, and perhaps not even themselves, will ever seriously believe in? And second, why are they always so aggressive? Why are they simply unable to endure having to listen to any opinion other than their own?

The first question is really quite puzzling. After all, the assertion that that male children are the ones with female genitalia, and vice-versa, is so self-evidently wrong, that those making it can (with all respect) only be lunatics, or idiots, or mental perverts, or all of this combined. It is simply not possible that someone who wants to impose such nonsense to school children can have his five senses together, or that he can have good intentions with regard to those he seeks to indoctrinate. So, why are some politicians doing this? They cannot seriously expect that this nonsense will enhance their popularity with the electorate, or win them any elections. There are, even today, simply not enough LGBT perverts around for this to be a successful strategy.

The best explanation we have is that LGBT seems to be part of a larger cultural project. And that project consists in rejecting and dissolving all outward realities, replacing them with brutal arbitrariness. According to this logic, a boy is a boy only when he chooses to be one – but if he prefers to be a girl, then he is a girl. This may be what the Left believes to be “emancipation” – but in fact it is only emancipation from reality. And this emancipation from reality will not result in making people free, but in making them more vulnerable to pressures and manipulations. Ultimately, as one can easily see from the grotesquely intolerant reactions to the simple statement that boys are boys and girls are girls, the new ideology leads not to more freedom but to repression: repression of free speech, of political discourse, or of reasonable thought. The assertion of the LGBT-dogma is the political Left’s new shibboleth, indicating to them who is willing to submit to them, and who wants to continue using his own brains and his own reason.

The LGBT-ideology and the assertion “2+2 = 5” are thus interchangeable. Nobody really believes in either of them – they are mere instruments of oppression.

And this is also the answer to the second question. The LGBT-lobby and their supporters in politics, judiciary, and media are so aggressive because reasonable argument is no option for them. Assertions like “A boy is female” or “2 + 2 = 5” cannot convince, and are not made to convince. They are made to oppress. They cannot be defended in a reasonable argument; rather they are an invitation to give up reason and surrender to the exercise of power.

It is highest time that the public wake up and realize how dangerous the LGBT-fascists realy are. They are the Nazis and Bolsheviks of our era, and this still seems an understatement.

It appears that the statement that “boys are male and girls are female” can nowadays be qualified as “hate speech” by ideologically radicalized judges, while the true hate speakers (e.g. those who threaten to burn churches and kill priests and nuns “like in 1936”, cf. the report on LifeSiteNews) go completely unchallenged.

As for the role of the Press, it is both amusing and terrifying to see how a periodical like El País, which outside Spain is still (quite erroneously) taken for a quality paper, can qualify the HazteOir campaign both as “transphobe” and “ultra-catholic”. If the assertion that “2 + 2 = 4” is “ultra-catholic”, then that’s a compliment to the Catholic Church that El País probably never wanted to pay. We might respond: “2 + 2 = 5” is ultra-LGBT.

However this may be, the aggressive and illegal attempt to silence the campaign has in fact only succeeded in bringing it into the headlines internationally.

And as it seems, the campaign will soon run overseas: