US Supreme Court refuses to hear “strategic” lawsuit on transgender toilet rights

With the legal recognition of same-sex “marriage” having been imposed across the United States by a narrow 5-4 majority of frivolously activist Supreme Court Justices, the LGBT-lobby is now trying its luck to achieve the same with regard to so-called “transgender” rights, the next step in their sinister agenda to dissolve peoples’ true reality in a sauce of newly-discovered “sexual identities”. Quite remarkably, the larmoyant reports (in radically-minded outlets such as the New York Times or the WaPo) about alleged “discriminations ” of self-defined “transgender” persons have multiplied by factor 100 in the year since the Obergefell Decision, which clearly indicates that a media campaign is being waged to prepare the next round of cultural revolutions.

However, the sexual-disorder-lobby’s hopes for a quick victory were quashed last week, when the Supreme Court decided to throw out a major “transgender” lawsuit, sending the case back to a lower federal court.

The complaint was filed by a an extremist group called ACLU on behalf of a teenage girl who calls herself a boy, supported in her “transgender identity” by her mother. They asked her teachers and the staff at her school in Gloucester County, Virginia, to likewise treat her as a male student. School officials tried to accommodate the girl, calling her by her preferred boy’s name Gavin, but asked that she use the unisex bathroom in the nurse’s office rather than use the boys’ bathrooms and locker rooms alongside biological boys and adult men. The girl, however, did not want to use any toilet except in the company of boys; she therefore claims that the solution arrangement made for her was “stigmatizing” and in addition risked “causing health problems” for her, given that the unisex bathroom was a bit farther away from her class-room than the normal toilets.

The Supreme Court decided to hand back the case to a lower court in Virginia, given that the Obama administration’s controversial “Toilet Order”, which entitled people to use the toilets assigned to the sex they subjectively “identify with” rather than the one they actually belong to, has been rescinded by President Trump as one of his first actions after assuming his office.