European Parliament: “LGBT” ideologues launch massive attack against democracy and free speech

Whoever is in doubt about the risks that seemingly benevolent “progressive” ideas can pose to democracy should look at the efforts made by a small but extremely loud-mouthed group of MEPs to prevent the expression of any views that diverge from their own radical ideology. Their ire has been provoked by the fact that the Spanish human rights defender Ignacio Arsuaga, leader of a civil society group called HazteOir, was invited to give a speech at the premises of the European Parliament. HazteOir has recently come to world-wide notoriety by organizing a bus advertising campaign that dismantled the fashionable “Gender”-ideology, which unfortunately has no basis in reality, with one simple sentence: boys have penises, girls have vulvas.

The problem of the LGBT-ideology is precisely this: it is a purely theoretical construct, which has no factual basis at all. Non. Nada. Nichts. Niente. No wonder therefore, that it does not coincide with the real experiences of people, and that therefore hardly anybody believes in it. No wonder that it can so easily be disproven, simply by re-stating the facts that everyone knows. Indeed, this ideology is so absurd that one has serious reasons even to ask whether those who themselves promote it really believe in it. Rather than a serious answer to any practically experienced problem, Gender-Ideology seems to be a token for something bigger: a general attack on the idea that our action should be grounded in the reality of things, and an attempt to change the world simply by negating reality. In broader terms, what is being sought is a dictatorship of the human will (which in fact is not everyone’s will, but the will of those in power) over the world as it is: if a boy can be changed into a girl simply by calling him so, and vice versa, then the political power of those who can impose such re-definitions on the rest of society is truly boundless.

The strategy therefore is to erect an obvious and palpable falsehood as an article of a new creed that everybody must adhere to. But it is worthwhile to understand that the specific issue of sexuality is of no particular relevance here. The best summary of the new faith that is being promoted here is: THERE IS NO TRUTH.

Whereas Christianity has always taught that “the truth will set you free” (cf. John 8:32), the new faith that “there is no objective truth” is the best pre-condition for cancelling out all freedoms. If there is no truth, then everything is under the control of those who have the power to define truth.

Gender-ideology is therefore nothing else than the advent of a new totalitarianism, perhaps more radical and absolute than the totalitarianisms of the past. It is not a coincidence that politicians promoting this ideology often are Communists or sympathize with the neo-Communist 1968 Cultural Revolution.

It is equally unsurprising to observe that these people, given the palpable lack of any reasoned argument in favour of their positions, seek to achieve their goals not through a civilized democratic debate but, on the contrary, by preventing such a debate from taking place. Their preferred tactics are to lie, to denigrate, to threaten, and to use physical violence.

Illustrative for these tactics is a letter that Spanish MEP Marina Albiol Guzman (Member of an unconverted hard-core Communist Party, “Izquierda Unita”) has addressed to EP President Antonio Tajani. One recognizes the typical Agitprop-style reminiscent of the official communications of the former Soviet Union:

Dear Mr Tajani,

Having noted the secretive visit of Ignacio Arsuaga to the European Parliament tomorrow due to the communications of the DG Comm [Secretive visit? How “secretive” can it be, if it is announced by the EP’s own Communications Department? Mr. Arsuaga’s visit was no more secret than  any visit of any speaker at any event hosted at the EP, including the Communist sectarians that are allowed to speak at events hosted  by Mrs. Albiol’s own group….  but “secretive” is there to convey a sense of  wrong-doing. A disgusting little aspesion with no basis in reality] , I think it is fundamental to raise this issue. Arsuaga is head of a Spanish far-right [= Communist code for “non-communists”. It is astonishing to see how this member of an openly Communist fringe,  who herself draws great benefit from democracy’s tolerance vis-à-vis non-democrats, has the cheek to pretend that she alone holds democratic credentials]  organization known as Hazte Oír, which recently became notorious for parading a bus with transphobic messages [the “transphobic” message was the simple statement of verifiable and generally accepted biological facts – see above. If this is “transphobic”, then “1+1 = 2” must be too.]  through the streets of Madrid. Apart from its LGBTiphobic message, the bus was particularly offensive since it was directed at children and teenagers, a real incitement to violence [the only violence that occurred in this context was in fact the violence threatened and  committed against this bus campaign, and the only incitement to violence was from LGBT groups and left-wing radicals. This is well documented. As is typical with Communist agitprop, Mrs. Albiol’s letter misrepresents the facts the most cynical manner.] given that over 60% of trans people have been bullied at school  [of course no evidence is provided for this spurious claim to “victim” status] and suicide rates among transgender teenagers are eight times higher than among cisgender ones [normal is put on a par with abnormal by terming the first “cisgender” and the latter “transgender”. The high suicide rate among gender-disordered persons is not surprising – it is however not due to any mis-treatment by normal persons, but rather attributable to the fact that these people suffer from a psychic disorder].

After the social protests and outrage [ = code for violence committed by Mrs. Albiol’s Communist fringe and allies. These acts were in fact criminal offences, but the police and judiciary in Spain appear to have generously “looked the other way”. Mrs. Albiol is clearly taking the side of terrorist acts, much in the same way as certain Basque or Northern Irish politicians do…] the transphobic bus sparked, the city councils of Madrid, Barcelona, and València [all three run by the neo-Communist “Podemos” coalition, of which Mrs. Albiol’s group also is a member] have declared that the bus has no place in their cities [note the definitely anti-democratic attitude: a bus campaign that simply recalls an undisputed fact (as opposed to a mere opinion) “has no place” . This is an attack against freedom of speech reminiscent of Nazis and Communists, and just illustrative of how extremely dangerous the LGBT ideology is for democracy .], and the Public Prosecutor of the Region of Madrid has opened an investigation for hate crimes. What’s more, the bus even ran over a woman protesting against its arrival in the city of Iruñea. [This is perhaps the most vicious of her slurs: she is actually insinuating that HazteOir is using the bus as a ‘weapon’ against peaceful ‘protesters’, much in the same way has trucks were used in the recent terrorist attacks in Nice and Berlin. Why else would she mention this in a letter to the EP? But as video footage clearly evidences, the opposite is true: it was the (not-so-peaceful) ‘protesters’ who attacked the bus, trying to provoke an incident. One of them was slightly injured – as a result of her own irresponsible behaviour. If there were any investigation against HazteOir pending on this matter, Mrs. Albiol would not fail to mention it. But there is none – it was all too evident that the ‘incident’ was provoked by the ‘poor victim’ itself]. Since then, Arsuaga has stated that “the gay inquisition has imposed its dictatorship” referring to the actions taken [such as the violence, including death threats, emanating from LGBT-groups and the political left] to stop his organization from continuing to spread their violent message  .

It is unacceptable that the European Parliament serves as a safeguard for those promoting hate speech. [Really??? Mrs. Albiol is herself using her position as an MEP, and the immunities associated with it, as a safe haven from where she can spreads denigrations against peaceful citizens… what a disgusting little hypocrit she is!]  We have already had a number of events in which openly xenophobic, misogynistic and LGBTiphobic speech [the usual repertoire of LGBT agitprop, now enriched with accusations of “misogyny”] has been heard in the EP, alarming the society of many Member States who are starting to regard this institution as a place where hatred and discrimination are the norm [which is no wonder, as long as persons like Mrs. Albiol and her ilk  not only are elected into this Parliament, but also allowed to use it as a tribune for making the most hate-filled and discriminatory allegations against honourable citizens without having to fear any sanctions. This is what happens when Communists are accepted into the community of democrats.]

What is your opinion about this? Do you think it is acceptable to have to constantly hear in this institution hate speeches calling for violence? [The wolf postures as the lamb. Maybe the best solution would be for Ms. Albiol just to keep her mouth shut – she, and not Mr. Arsuaga, is in truth the author of “hate-speech calling for violence”.]

We firmly believe the European Parliament should not be a place for discrimination [That’s clearly not what she really believes, otherwise she would not be writing this letter…] but rather for inclusion [except of course of persons clinging to outrageous ideas such as the one that boys are male and girls are female, or that there is such a thing as verifiable objective truth…], do you share this opinion? Will you therefore take any kind of action against what is happening tomorrow?

All the best,

Marina Albiol Guzmán

Eurodiputada de Izquierda Unida y portavoz de la Delegación de la Izquierda Plural en el Parlamento Europeo

Clearly, this woman has gone through the school of Saul Alinsky. Letters such as this are precious evidence of how the radical Left works. in reality, they have no concern whatsoever for any oppressed minority. What they really want is to de-stabilize and destroy society. The so-called “LGBT”-agenda is the perfect instrument to achieve this – that’s why the radicals support it so fervently.

Postscript: the conference by Mr. Arsuaga took place. The video (in Spanish) is here: