March for Life 2017 in Romania: 110,000 participants in 138 cities

The cities with the biggest turnout were Bacău (10,000 participants), Oradea (11,000 participants) and Bucharest (8,000 participants).

Compared to the 2016 edition, the number of organizing cities has risen by 26% (in 2016 the march took place in 110 cities), while the number of participants has risen by almost 50% (in 2016 there were around 75,000 participants in total).

For the first time in the history of this movement, the March for Life 2017 in Bucharest was live-streamed  on Facebook by Prodocens Media and Trinitas TV.

The March for Life 2017 was the crowning piece in a series of pro-life events entitled the Pro-Life Month 2017. The theme “Help the mother and child! They depend on you” has provided the opportunity to debate the necessity, possibility and efficiency of supporting women in pregnancy crisis.

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