Brexit: now it gets really nasty

border-667933.jpgAccording to a report  in the Financial Times, EU leaders have prepared for the Summit they are holding today in Brussels a statement according which Northern Ireland would be welcome to “seamlessly rejoin the bloc after Brexit in the event of a vote for Irish reunification”, following the model of the eastern part of Germany after the country’s reunification in 1990. Continue reading “Brexit: now it gets really nasty”


Ireland: “Citizens’ Assembly” makes radical proposals to legalize baby-slaughtering

the_rock_of_cashel_ireland_europe-t2Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny is coming closer to his objective of destroying the moral texture of Irish society. Two years after the constitutional referendum that re-defined marriage as a union of “two persons” (thus opening it to the absurd notion of a “marriage” between persons of the same sex), his next target is the abolition of the constitutional protections for the right to life of the weakest and most helpless members of society, unborn children. Continue reading “Ireland: “Citizens’ Assembly” makes radical proposals to legalize baby-slaughtering”

“France has now the choice between chaos and decay”

TELEMMGLPICT000123805945-xxlarge_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqH3lu2Gw5dunFHLlVQKFCMV5pjXID-P5YOJzhO37WS3QChristophe Billan, President of the Group “Sens commun” (Common Sense) that defends basic values such as marriage, family, and the right to life within the French conservative party “Les Républicains”, has expressed his disappointment with regard to the narrow defeat of François fillon in the first round of the French presidential elections. The remaining choice is between Emmanuel Macron, a slick investment banker whose programme remains totally unclear but who is liked by the liberal press, and right-wing Marine Le Pen who wants to lead France out of the EU. According to “Sens commun”, this is a choice between chaos (Le Pen) and decay (Macron) – the group is therefore not giving any advice to its supporters.

“Universal Periodic Review”: How radical groups seek to enforce new “rights” that nobody has ever recognized

ILGA Europe, the sodomy-and-gender-perversion lobby lavishly funded by the European Commission and George Soros, has released a report that explains how the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism is used at the UN to promote new “LGBT rights” that actually have never been internationally recognized and therefore have no basis in international law.  Continue reading ““Universal Periodic Review”: How radical groups seek to enforce new “rights” that nobody has ever recognized”

CoE´s “Human Rights Commissioner” wants Ireland to cancel unborn children´s right to life

The Council of Europe’s “Human Rights Commissioner” Nils Muižnieks (a former director of the Soros Foundation) has claimed that Ireland’s 2013 Abortion Act is still too restrictive and has a “chilling” effect on doctors who must decide who meets its requirements.

Mr Muižnieks made his criticisms of Ireland’s abortion law in a report covering a range of human rights issues in Ireland. Continue reading “CoE´s “Human Rights Commissioner” wants Ireland to cancel unborn children´s right to life”